Colin Humphries
Are you being served by Mr Humphries?

Date of birth: Too shy to tell

Born: Netherley, Liverpool


Lives: Tarbock, Liverpool


Highest break: 68


Qualified as referee? 1988 and then by 1994 had passed all necessary exams.


First Pro match? It was a Challenge Tour game in Altrincham about 1996. Ken Owers was one of the players.


Most memorable match? Got to be Stephen Hendry against Nigel Bond at 2006 World Championship. It was only my second match at the Crucible and what a finish - it went to a respotted black in the last frame!  Probably not Stephen's most memorable game.


Most embarrassing moment? I did exhibition with John Parrott a few years ago. He potted the yellow and it stuck in the top of the pocket. I went to pick the ball out from the rail, lifted out a red and put it on the yellow spot.


If you weren't a referee what would you do? I still work in the Civil Service so I probably have the best of both worlds.


Which is toughest rule to apply? Like most of my colleagues, I'd say the simultaneous hit. Unless you've got the benefit of a slow motion replay, it can be almost impossible to spot.


What do you carry in your pockets? Two pound coin and ball markers. Generally though as little as possible. Don't want my pockets to rattle!.


Where do you get your gloves? Not from Paul Collier like everyone else! A shop called Harvey Malcolm in Liverpool city centre.


Interests? Staunch Everton fan and former season ticket holder. I have got into Texas Hold 'em Poker in the last year.