Eirian Williams
Former policeman turned snooker ref.

A policeman in Llanelli for 18 years, Eirian Williams made the transition from the beat to the baize in 1991.


He has now refereed every major Professional final. He took charge of the World Championship final at the Crucible in 2001 when Ronnie O'Sullivan beat John Higgins and has since officiated in three more world finals in 2005, 2007 and 2010.


A fluent Welsh speaker, Williams' hobbies include Volunteer Ambulance car driving (giving something back to the community) and karaoke singing when the mood takes him.


DOB: 3rd September


Born: Carmarthen, Wales

Lives: Llanelli, Wales


High: Break: 49

Qualified as a Referee: 1981

Pro Status: 1991

First Professional match: Stuart Swinburn v Doug French at Spencers Club Bolton in the Rothmans Grand Prix.

Most memorable match: There are many but it has to be my first World Championship Final between Ronnie O'Sullivan and John Higgins in 2001, followed closely by my other three World Finals and the Masters Final again between Ronnie and John.

Most embarrassing moment: Forgetting to say "Free Ball" in the World Open 2010 match between Bjorn Haneveer and Stephen Hendry. No-one has beaten me up more about it than myself. I let Bjorn and myself down.

Toughest rule to implement: There are two, the push stroke and the simultaneous hit. The human eye is not infallible.

What do you carry in your pockets? A coin, two ball markers, pen and throat lozenges.

Off table interests: Volunteer Ambulance work and being with my family.