The WPBSA Coaching team have announced details and dates for the 2015 coaching courses. They are as follows:


Level 1: Sunday 7th June 2015 at the Northern Snooker Centre in Leeds 


Level 2: Friday 3rd/Saturday 4th July 2015 at the Northern Snooker Centre, Leeds


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Steve Davis says:


"I've been a snooker player since I was 15 years old. Right from the outset the technical aspects of the game have fascinated me. I was lucky that my father was not only a snooker fan but also a 'believer' in the book written by the 'Godfather' of the game, Joe Davis.


"Joe's belief was that you could upgrade your standard of play by upgrading you standard of technique. While every player, including top professionals, have their own idiosyncrasies of techniques, it is hard to argue with a philosophy that says if a player improves their technique they will improve their game, even a player of Ronnie O'Sullivan's standard!


"From a coach's perspective however, the vast majority of the time is not spent addressing a top standard of play but more about getting players to be proficient enough to enjoy the game and encouraging them to return to the snooker club.


"The question them becomes "what is a coach's role?'


The answer is 'supplying the demand' and that is why I think we now have set in motion the most sophisticated coaching accreditation that the WPBSA has offered so far. Based on the great work that Terry Griffiths started up and continuing the enthusiasm that was very much a part of the previous team of Del Hill, Garry Baldrey and Mike Dunn, we are now in a position to offer prospective coaches a three pronged attack at the subject of coaching. From Chris Lovell's expertise in training and communication through to Terry Griffiths' understanding of how to coach a coach through to my 39 years of torment trying to understand the dynamics of a cue action! We are now able to supply that demand.


"Whether you are an enthusiast hoping to help generate interest on a Saturday morning at the local club or a coach aiming to help out at a professional level, we will be able to empower you along the way. Backed up with regular seminars for all coaches, I am sure that the coaching community will start to blossom and fulfil an important role in improving the standard and development of the game from encouraging participation at grass roots level right up to helping a pro get the most from his or her ability.


"Another part of the coaching set up, that will hopefully be improved; will be back up support for our coaches. For my part I will be endeavouring to answer questions on the technical side of the game in order to help our coaches pass on that information to their pupils.


"The most important role a WPBSA coach will need to fulfil is one of enthusing their pupils, but along the way they will no doubt encounter players that demand more technical help. Should a prospective WPBSA coach be discouraged from applying for a badge based purely on the knowledge that they are currently not fully equipped in the technical nuances of the game, then we may lose many good coaches before they even fill out the application form! Good luck."




Steve Davis added: "The introduction of the community WPBSA world snooker coaching certificate and the advanced WPBSA world snooker coaching certificate is a big step forward for our sport, it gives coaches an opportunity to progress and also a strong, open and inclusive approach to participation."


Jason Ferguson said: "The sport of Snooker and Billiards has entertained millions of people for many years, from a socal game with friends and family, right through to watching the spectacle of professional tournaments on the world's television screens. The key to our continued success is through participation at all levels and providing the opportunity for anyone to have a go. I am very proud of our coaching team and the work they undertake and I believe we have the best team in the world providing their ongoing training."


Terry Griffiths said: "I am delighted to be involved with the Level 3 WPBSA advanced training course. Potential and existing coaches now have options open to them that have not been available in the past. With three levels now available there are opportunities for all. Irrespective of the time they have to spare, the amount of experience they have or their skill level, they now have every chance of fulfilling their ambitions. Level 3 accreditation is for the elite and offers coaches the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Frank Callan who was the first coach to work with top professional players on the main tour. The game we love is growing beyond expectations thanks to Barry Hearn and his Matchroom team. The WPBSA coaching scheme is now in a position to support this growth."




"I really want to thank you for your hospitality over the last two days. I was very apprehensive about the course and in awe of meeting Steve Davis and Terry Griffiths, but that was short lived as they were great fun and put us all at ease straight away. I can't believe how much I have learnt during this two day period and again I put this down to your ability to make people feel at home. Just wished it could have gone on for another couple of weeks! Can't wait for the seminars."
Luke Walker


"Hi Chris, just wanted to thank you again for organising the coaching course these past two days. It's difficult to put into words just how inspirational it was. At first my intention was to be able to simply help people become better players and perhaps help to introduce people to the game. The work you have done, however, opened my eyes to how much good can be achieved through the game we love. As I said, the empowered feeling I have to extend your work in my area is immense. Please do pass on my thanks to Steve, Terry, Jason and Andrew as the whole team was instrumental in the success of the course. Thanks again."
Andrew Green (a very proud World Snooker Coach!)


"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a World Snooker Coach. I wear the polo shirt and jacket with a great sense of pride. I regard this as one of the great achievements of my life. Of course I realise that the real work is about to begin."
Tom Wright


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the course put on in Sheffield this week. It was great to meet you all and to hear your thoughts on the game, technical blueprints and how to enthuse others and grow the game. Overall the event has left me feeling that snooker is once again in good hands."
Ben Truppin


"Thanks again for yours and Steve's time and effort with the course. Everybody back here's really pleased I passed. I am being interviewed this week by a Rotherham/Barnsley business magazine. Our club is 80 years old in May so we have arranged with the council's events team and ACT for Rotherham to have marquees in the town square on Saturday 7th May. We are putting up two 6ft tables so the kids can have a free go at the 60 second challenge and the winner gets a free session with their school mates and some coaching at the club. This initiative I have taken from the course."


"Thank you for the two beautiful days. To me it was a great experience to be there. The intensive work on our skills, led by Steve, Terry and Chris, gave me a burst forward. The course was what you can expect, it was completely professional. The whole group has this enthusiasm for snooker. It was superb to see how they made a team of us. I have to thank all for the warm welcome, the respect and these very good days. We are looking into the future with confidence that we achieve our objective - growing the game. Being the first certified coach by the WPBSA in Germany, I will continue to give my best."
Ole Steiner


"Thank you again for a great day last Thursday. I was proud to be part of the team and you ran and organised the day very well. With the team now in place, the growth of the coaching programme is going to be excellent."
Andrew Highfield


"Thanks again for a well constructed and thorough course. I particularly enjoyed the debates and Terry and Steve's humour made them very entertaining. It was great to experience the different views from two legends of the game."
Paul Williams


"I really enjoyed the coaching course, found it very encouraging."
Dermot McGlinchey


"Sincere thanks for a great 2 day course which I thoroughly enjoyed. The course was well constructed, which gave me an insight into the objectives being laid down for the future and next generation of snooker. Having now completed the course I am proud to be associated with the future of snooker, not as a player but as a full time coach. Many thanks to Steve Davis, Terry Griffiths and yourself for the advice and inspiration you passed on to me."
Ray Curtis


"The two days were very enjoyable. It was interesting seeing Steve's, Terry's and Chris's approach to coaching and promoting yourself. Also to get an insight into World Snooker's future plans for the coaches and the game in general was very positive. Having attended and qualified in Sheffield in December 2007, I found this course to be more structured, constructive and positive. It was a good experience and thanks for all the team's efforts."
Kevin Gall, Cueball Snooker Club, York


"A coaching course that delivers everything you need and more! Well structured with inspired presentations by Terry Griffiths, Steve Davis and Chris Lovell. I look forward as a World Snooker Coach to making a positive difference in the lives of many people and keeping the great game popular."
Jimmy O'Shea


"Just a quick note to say the snooker coaching days were run by three of the most professional people I've ever worked with and know as friends. Thank you all. The great thing about snooker is you never stop learning. Keep up the great work. Thanks again."
Paul Rinaldi, World Snooker Coach


"My thoughts on the course were that it was everything I had hoped for and more. As I stated previously, my main objective was to find out about the media side of the course, but I came away from there feeling as though I had thoroughly benefited from the whole two days. The course has inspired me to seriously look into giving up my current career and concentrate on coaching full time. Many thanks."
Andy Brett